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SEGRID commitment

The SEGRID partners work together to build adequate security into the smartgrid of tomorrow. By joining efforts of DSO’s Manufacturers, knowledge institutions and universities, we strongly believe that we have the right skills, knowledge and experience to significantly contribute to this complex and challenging endeavor.

SEGRID approach

The SEGRID use cases are the foundation of the project. Based on these use cases, we conduct risk assessments and vulnerability analyses. For part of the assessed risks, existing security measures suffice. Where needed, SEGRID will design, evaluate and test new security measures. The knowledge and experience that is gained will be fed back into standardization and other relevant fora with the aim to enhance existing methodologies and standards.

SEGRID testbed

One of the unique features of SEGRID is the Security Integration Test Environment (SITE). Combining state of the art test facilities at several locations in Europe, SEGRID is able to test newly designed security measures in testing environments that simulate future smartgrid infrastructures.

Workshop SEGRID 2016

SEGRID will organize its first workshop, preceding the Utility week in Barcelona on 14 November 2016. The workshop will present the main results that SEGRID has achieved in its first two years and also show several demonstrations. The workshop will therefore be highly interesting for those who are involved in smart grids, smart grid security or related regulatory aspects. Entrance is free of charge and includes refreshments and lunch. Registration is mandatory.

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