SEGRID aims to liaise with comparable initiatives in the smart grid arena.
If you want to liaise with SEGRID, please contact the SEGRID project coordinator, Reinder Wolthuis: +31 651 913 379.

We currently have the following formal liaisons:

Critical Infrastructure Preparedness and Resilience Research Network (CIPRNet) - More info on CIPRNet can be found here: CIPRNet has developed a Wikipedia-like online community service focusing on Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and Resilience (CIR)-related issues that can be found here:
SPARKS (Smart Grid Protection Against Cyber Attacks) - A project that is funded in the same call as SEGRID Homepage: On September 8th, SEGRID and SPARKS had a joint meeting in Bilbao, Spain, hosted by SEGRID partner ZIV. Click here for more event details.