SEGRID has finished the first deliverables on April 1st, 2015. You can view and download the results below, as long as they are classified as ‘Public’. Due to the nature of the work, some of the deliverables are classified as ‘EU Restricted’ and cannot be shared.


Workshop Barcelona November 2016 (1/2/2017) - SEGRID’s first workshop was a succes with good presentations and demos. For a reminder or absence, please check the following topics of that day. SEGRID workshop introduction Ekstedt-SEGRID-Vulnerabilty Assessment of SCADA architectures SEGRID Storyline workshop 161114 SEGRID WP2 for Barcelona 14nov_final Smith-SPARKS-SEGRID-Workshop-20161114 161114_SEGRID_Workshop_Improved_robustness_in_DTLS 161114_SEGRID_Workshop_Secure_group_software_distribution_for_AMI Demo-SCADA-Segrid-v10
D6.3 – First dissemination report (10/1/2015) - The SEGRID dissemination objectives are: To inform the user community, involving citizens, companies and public authorities about developments in the protection of smart grids. To raise awareness among all relevant stakeholders (e.g. policy makers, regulatory bodies, utility companies and smart grid equipment manufacturers) of the risks of cyber-attacks on smart grids and how to addresses […]
D6.2 – Dissemination plan (4/1/2015) - This document is the dissemination plan for the SEGRID project. The Dissemination Plan (DP) describes the approach of SEGRID regarding dissemination objectives, plans, activities target audience and results. Section 2 describes the dissemination strategy and measurable dissemination objectives, while section 3 identifies the SEGRID stakeholders and the target audience for the dissemination activities, considering their […]
D6.1 – SEGRID Flyer (4/1/2015) - SEGRID (Security for Smart Electricity GRIDs) is a collaboration project, funded by the EU under the FP7 program. SEGRID partners are DSO’s manufacturers, knowledge institutions and universities. SEGRID’s main objective is to enhance the protection of smart grids against cyberattacks. D6.1 – SEGRID Flyer
D1.3 – First report on Security & privacy goals (4/1/2015) - The SEGRID project has defined five use cases that are exemplary for the gradually evolving system concept of smart grids in Europe. The use cases will be used to identify new cyber-threats and vulnerabilities as well as the gap between available and needed cyber security solutions for smart grids. The SEGRID use cases have been […]
D1.1 – Architecture and design for use cases (4/1/2015) - This deliverable describes the selection of some highly relevant representative use cases with regard to the Smart Grid concept for further use in the SEGRID context. These use cases highlight relevant scenarios and functionalities to be developed within the emerging Smart Grids while taking full potential of the installation of the Smart Grid components in […]
General presentation (10/1/2014) - SEGRID (Security for Smart Electricity GRIDs) Project type: Collaborative project – small or medium scale focused research project Grant agreement no: 607109 Thematic Priority: FP7-SEC-2013-1 Start date of project: October 1st, 2014 Duration: 36 months Coordinator: TNO, The Netherlands   SEGRID’s main objective is to enhance the protection of smart grids against cyber-attacks. We do […]